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Modelage d'ongle Martinique

Nails ,Nails, Nails

Simply beautiful nails perfectly styled and suitable for all occasions,

thats what most women want.

Thats exactly what you get in my beauty salon in Martinique.

With the most modern modeling techniques,

my many years of experience and the high quality products,

nothing stands in the way of your beautiful nails anymore.

Quality, hygiene and customer satisfaction are very important to me.

In my studio there is no mass processing but I only create nails made with love,

where I take the time to get the best results.

my services

  • Nail extensions with templates or Tips

  • Reinforcement of natural nails

  • Acrylgel/Hardgel

  • Press on nails / American pose

  • UV- Nailpolish/hands

  • Refill

  • Refreshment

  • Nailart / nail decoration

  • French

  • baby boomer

  • Full cover



    The hygiene and health of my clients are very important to me.

  • Your and my hands are disinfected before the treatment.

  • During work I wear gloves.

  • For each client, I use a single-use file that is thrown away after the treatment.

  • The workstation and the devices used are carefully disinfected after each client.



  •   I work with high quality materials that comply with European cosmetic regulations.

  •   Thanks to my large selection of products, all types of nails can be treated.


to know

  • adapt nail length to your lifestyle.

  • don't use your artificial nails as a tool. they are certainly 60 times more resistant than natural nails, but they are not indestructible.

  • do not use sharp objects to clean the underside of the nail, this can lead to injuries that can form bacteria and, in the worst case, end in nail fungus

  • Avoid contact with aggressive cleaning products and wear gloves for gardening and housework.

  • Never cut artificial nails, otherwise the modeling will crack.

  • Never remove the modeling yourself, you risk seriously injuring your natural nail.  

  • use only acetone-free nail polish remover

  • Fill your nails regularly after 2-5 weeks

  • Treat cuticles with nail oil at least 3 times a week

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Press on nails

Press on Nails are carefully prepared and decorated nail capsules to be applied to natural nails. They are handmade, reusable and very easy to install.

Enjoy a magnificent salon-like manicure in 5 minutes and at home. 

custom luxury nails

perfect for an event for an evening, a weekend, 5 days or 3 weeks, it's up to you!

You want a personalized manicure, according to your style, color, shape and design, or you already have a photo of your favorite manicure, so do not hesitate to contact me, preferably by



The fixing kit contains:

- A small nail file
- A polishing block/buffer
- Nail glue
- Gel pads / adhesives
- An orange wood stick
- A disinfectant wipe


Each press on nail set contains 10 handmade and reusable personalized nails, accompanied by an attachment kit to apply your false nails.


Application Methods

There are three different methods for applying your press on nails,

It's up to you to choose which one suits you the most.

Gelpads /press on nails

The Gel pad is a short-term application solution (3/4 days). Very easy to apply and harmless to your natural nails, this solution is ideal if you want to wear your Press on Nails for a weekend or a special event.
Your Press on Nails will be reusable.


Nail glue is a medium-lasting (about 2 weeks) laying solution. If you are looking for an easy-to-apply solution, an ultra-natural effect that lasts for at least 2 weeks, then this is the solution for you.
With proper application and removal, your press on nails are reusable

Sandra's style  Beautystudio.png

In my studio, for an additional price €10.00. After having created the nails of your wish, you can make your appointment and I will put your nails directly at the studio in 20 minutes on.
Nails hold up to 3 to 4
weeks and cannot be reused.

Measurements, sizes and shapes

mesures et tailles _edited.png

All capsules have a standard width, that's why there are standard sizes as you can see in the picture.

If your nails are not the standard size listed, I recommend measuring your nails as shown.

or order a Sizing kit

  how to take the correct measurements of my nails

please note!

Press on Nails are excluded from exchange or right of withdrawal, this also applies to incorrectly ordered nail sizes. It is a purely manual work and a direct production according to your indications. Product images are models. There may be minimal deviations in your order. A completely identical representation is not possible because the Press on Nails are made by hand.

press on nails _ Martinique

How to apply press on nails


     with gel pads

  1. file your nails as short as possible with the file provided in the kit

  2. push back the cuticles with the wooden stick

  3. mattify (remove shine) the nail plate using the small polishing block/buffer

  4. clean the nails with the wipe impregnated with alcohol

  5. apply the gel pads (adhesives) on your nails and stick your press on nails

Little tip! 

for both applications

right after applying your new nails, avoid contact with water for 2 to 3 hours for better hold.



  with nail glue

follow the same steps as

those described for gel pads

from 1 to 4

 and then:

  • Apply glue to the entire nail plate, leaving minimal space at the edges of the nail and the cuticles.

  • Put a very small amount of nail glue inside the press on nail, on the part that is at the level of the nail plate.

  • Stick the press on nail onto the nail starting at the cuticles, being careful not to touch them, and gently press onto the nail using light pressure for approximately 15-20 seconds.

  • immediately remove excess glue with the wooden stick

How to remove press on nails

There are two different methods: either with dish soap, oil and water (the gentlest way for your natural nails), or with acetone and oil. This method is faster and easier to use if you are sure you do not want to reuse the Press on nails.

Step 1

If you don't want to reuse your press on nails, lightly file the surface, this will make it easier for the washing-up liquid or acetone to penetrate.
To remove gel pads :
Soak your nails in a bowl of hot water with enough washing up liquid for 15 minutes.

To removenail glue:
Soak the nails (if you no longer wish to reuse them) in a bowl with acetone for 10 minutes and add a few drops of baby oil to prevent the skin from drying out.


2nd step

Apply cuticle oil
To help loosen nails and moisturize your natural nails, apply a few drops of cuticle oil (Baby Oil, Coconut Oil will also be fine) to the areas just under the pressed nails and let the oil soak in. After a few minutes, check the nails to see if they are loose enough to pull off. "Avoid removing nails before they're ready", "You'll know it's time to remove them if you feel a slight looseness between the press-ons and your nail bed."

Step 3

Use an orange wood stick to loosen the press on nails.
Gently pass an orange wood stick  around the edges of your Press on nails to loosen them. Never force, if the nail does not come off easily, go back and submerge your nails again for a few more minutes in the bowl.
Be sure to take your time and be patient. Work gently and slowly, this will help you avoid damage.

Step 4

Once you have found your natural nails, use the orange stick to remove the remains of adhesive or glue and smooth the surface of the natural nail carefully and without pressure with the polishing/buffer block.


Pamper your hands and nails

A good hand mask also works wonders - add your favorite natural oil so that it penetrates perfectly.

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Preise, pricing, i prezzi
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ready  for  pretty nails

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