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Tutorial and important information about
Press on nails

prendre mesure et sizing kit


for this you need:
adhesive tape/tape - a meter - thin pencil - a sheet of paper

In order to create press on nails that best suit your needs, it is important to take accurate measurements of your natural nails.
Take the time to properly measure your nails and repeat this step to ensure you have taken the correct measurements/sizes.
For this, it is recommended:
to apply a tape/adhesive strip horizontally on the widest part of your natural nail.
Press the adhesive strip into the hollow of the nail and draw a line there with a thin pencil.
Place the adhesive strip on a sheet of paper and note the measurements in cm for each finger, of each hand.
Repeat and note the name of the hand left/right and each finger.
If you are between two sizes for one nail,
choose the biggest.



Sizing Kit

This is a paid kit (€4.00 )

featuring 10 tips sizes in shape and length

according to your wish

You just have to try each of the capsules on all the nails then write down the selected sizes on a sheet/white paper, differentiating the right/left hands and assigning each finger the number that corresponds to it.

For instance:

right hand - thumb capsule size 0


apply press on nails with gelpads
application of press on nails with nail glue

lengths and shapes

The length capsules starts with the mos tlarge (long),

i.e. 0,and goes decreasing until the

more small (short), i.e. 9.


Shapes depicted in the photo indicate the largest size big 0

Differentes formes pour press on nails _edited_edited.jpg

For form stiletto, I recommend ordering a sizing kit, as they are slightly smaller than the other shapes.

Please note !


  • Each press on nail set is created by me personally with a lot of patience, each nail is hand painted, hand filed and unique, so there may be slight differences.

  • Correct measurement is the buyer's responsibility. For hygienic reasons, the goods cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Disclaimer: Please understand that colors may vary depending on monitor and display device. Please note that the use of different display technologies and your individual display settings may cause distortions in color representation. The colors displayed on your display may therefore vary slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos.

I want to give you quality and sublime nails, and if they make you happy in the end,

so am I.

With all my love,


ready  for  pretty nails

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