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Lashlifting aims to give a nice curve to the eyelashes, while keeping a natural appearance. This opens up the look and gives it softness.

Rehaussment des cils / wimpernlifting/ lashlifting

Your advantages

  • Lash lift is ideal for people who like nude makeup, or very light makeup.

  • It is cheaper than eyelash extensions.

  • Eyelash enhancement does not require any special maintenance.

  • a permanent curvature that can last up to 8 weeks. The effect fades over time, depending on eyelash growth

  • Saves time in the morning routine, because it makes the eyelash curler step unnecessary 

  • absolutely painless and relaxing treatment

  • natural look

  • Lashlifting is possible for all eyelash lengths without exception. Depending on the length, it is possible to choose between 3 curvature intensities.

  • optical enlargement of the eyes which appear fresher, more radiant, with a more intense gaze

  • The treatment can be repeated without problems every 6 to 8 weeks, without damaging the eyelashes.


How does an lashlifting session work?


1. The eye contour and eyelashes are cleaned, degreased and disinfected

2. The silicone pads are attached flush with the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with a specific glue designed for eyelashes

3. The eyelashes are individually fixed on the pads also with the specific glue for the eyelashes

4. The 1st lotion is applied, it gives shape/curvature to the eyelashes

5. After a short exposure time, the first lotion is gently removed

6. The second lotion is applied, it fixes the new curvature of the eyelashes. After a short exposure time,

    it is gently removed

7. The eyelashes are tinted, which makes the eyes even more expressive

8. Finally, the eyelashes are cleansed, a nourishing keratin booster is applied, to provide deep care



Following the service, the only recommendation is to avoid contact with water for the next 12 hours.


The treatment takes about 45 minutes to1 hour


Full lashlifting with tint and keratin boost


price € 65,00



ready to become more beautiful

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