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F.A.Q's and TIPS


everything you ever wanted to know about
permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips and  Microblading


Is permanent makeup a natural solution?

Permanent make-up is a wonderful way to give your face more expression and radiance for a long time. The fact that permanent make-up makes it possible to look beautiful and well-groomed in all situations gives many women more confidence and self-confidence.

A lot has happened in recent years: by constantly refining the technique, it is now possible to create very natural looks with permanent makeup. With the new Micropigmentation technique - powdered eyebrows (Powder/Ombré Brows), as with the Aquarell Lips technique (LipBlush) for the lips, the desire for even more naturalness is now taken to another level.

  What are shaded eyebrows/powdering/shading/micropigmentation

Powdering (powderbrows)/ (ombré brows)/shading/micropigmentation

uses an electric pen with a very fine sterile tip and needle with which the pigments are pigmented in the superficial layers of the skin/epidermis. By highlighting more in the lower part and in the last third of the forehead, the design is increasingly lighter upwards and forwards, from which the name of the eyebrows ombre comes. When playing with shading, there are no limits to unique color gradients. For those who prefer absolute naturalness can opt for the natural variant of shading.
In this case, we simply dispense with more intense shading and color gradients in the shading.

For this treatment, we speak of full shadingof the eyebrow - no hair is drawn.

What is microblading?


The pigment is gently applied with a manual stylus (sterile) equipped with a row of several extremely fine needles (blade) to draw fine hairs in the upper layer of the skin (Epidermis). These filigree hairs are barely distinguishable from the real hairs, which gives a very natural result. This technique works best on clients with normal or dry skin, small pores, and fine, evenly distributed hairs in the brow area.


I usually don't do a visible microblading refresh. Please wait until your microblading has faded almost completely and then come back for another treatment. This is the only way to guarantee a lasting fine and natural result.

How long does permanent makeup last?

  Results last approximately 2-4 years and gradually fade over time. Durability depends on many factors, such as skin condition, sun exposure, nicotine consumption (for lips), metabolism, sports (sweating), and skin care. To maintain impeccable pigmentation, it is advisable to do an annual refresh (except microblading)

    * Sourcils ombré/poudré entre 1-2 years     *Microblading between 6 months and 18 months   *Lips 2-3 years

How is the service going?

  •   Before each treatment, a detailed consultation takes place during which we discuss your wishes together and clarify any open   questions regarding treatment.

  •   Informed Consent Signature

  •   The area to be treated is carefully disinfected, then measured according to the Phi 1.618 golden number for your face

  •   A preliminary drawing is made, which we discuss together,

  •   Together we choose the color (pigment) that best suits your hair and skin type. It is only after your agree on the shape and color that I start the pigmentation.


Please allow plenty of time for your appointment, remember I am working on your face, pigmentation requires utmost concentration and precision. Treatments take between 2.5 and 3 hours.

How long does the healing last?

The healing of permanent makeup is simple and only lasts 6 to 12 days, depending on the condition of the skin and its age. At first, the treated areas are still a little swollen for the lips and slightly red for the eyebrows, but this disappears in a short time. After a treatment, you are perfectly able to live in society and you should not plan any downtime.

How looks like healing time ?

During healing the eyebrows or lips go through several phases. Immediately after the treatment, the color of the permanent make-up appears very defined and intense for about 1 to 3 days. This is because the pigment is still sitting on the skin and hasn't fully absorbed yet. Don't worry if you see color on the swab, it's excess pigment and body fluid (lymph) leaving your skin naturally.

Between the 3 to 10th day, the skin exfoliates (slight desquamation) it will look like tiny flakes of dandruff or dry skin. It may make the color pigment look like it is fading too quickly, but it is only superficial color and dry skin and is naturally washed away.It is forbidden to remove dandruff from the skin, otherwise healing will be interrupted and may even cause infections and poor healing.


Between the 10th and 12th day, superficial healing is complete. The skin begins to regenerate. As soon as the flakes of skin dandruff are no longer visible, it is recommended to treat the skin with a moisturizer of your usual use.

The pigment is absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin and appears clearer, softer and more natural.

It will lighten further to stabilize and match the desired color after a month, see 6 weeks


to know


from the start of treatment until complete healing (between 28 and 42 days),

the pigment lightens by 30 to 40% for the eyebrowsand up to 50% for the lips

During healing, there may be slight itching around the eyebrows, this is one of the signs

healing is following its normal process.


Thanks to a superficial shading of the color, there is no trauma on the skin, which makes it possible to guarantee perfect healing. Above all, the pigment remains stable on the skin and heals positively. There is no negative color change on the skin (red/gray).
The pigment evolves positively and becomes more and more beautiful.

When should a touch-up take place?


Permanent makeup is a gentle method that requires at least 2 sessions (the 1st treatment and the touch-up) to achieve absolute perfection in shape and color.
A touch-up should be performed 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment and is included in the price.

Any additional alterations will be charged additionally.

a touch-up takes about 1 to 1.5 hours

Refreshes are necessary to maintain the longevity and overall beauty of your permanent makeup. We can change the shape and color of your tattoo, accentuate it, or fill in areas that haven't retained pigment as well as others.

an annual powder brow refresh is recommended!

Can I benefit from lip pigmentation with hyaluronic acid injections?

Yes! Using a lip filler will not affect the lip tattoo process or the result in any way. On the contrary, it goes very well together, since the hyaluronic acid makes the color of the lips seem to fade and the contour of the lips seems undefined. A lip blush allows you to define a new contour and restore color to the lips.

However, it should be noted that appointments are spaced at least 6 weeks apart. If the pigmentation of the lips takes place immediately after the treatment with hyaluronic acid, there is a risk of dissolution of the hyaluronic acid.

For the Lip Blush can we go beyond the lip line?

  Yes, only maximum 2 mm. Lip skin is not the same as face skin and things can look unnatural or become unpredictable when we tattoo too far from the natural lip line.

Can I get a Lip Blush if I have dark or cold lips?

  Yes, however, during the first session, we will have to correct the color of your lips to cancel out the cold tones. This means that the initial color we tattoo MUST be orange! If we tattoo another color, you may darken your lips more or not get any results at all. After 6 weeks of healing, most, if not all, of your lip darkness will be covered and your lips will be an even, nude pink tone. Note that results are not guaranteed and lightening or evening out dark lips may take a few sessions. Under no circumstances will Sandra tattoo a "NUDE" color on dark or cold colored lips. If you are unsure whether you have dark or cool lips, you can send a picture of your lips in natural light to confirm. Lips that are too dark or too thick will be refused. So be sure to email photos if your lips are dark gray or black.

  Should I do a dark lip neutralizer or a Lip Blush?

If your lips are two-tone, cold, brown, dark in appearance, you will need to perform a neutralization procedure.
If you are still unsure, email a photo of your lips in natural light to:

I already have old permanent make-up, is a treatment possible?

This is only possible if the old permanent makeup has faded considerably.

Please note that I reserve the right to refuse corrections or retouching on visible creations of third parties

I therefore invite you to make an appointment for a non-binding consultation in order to clarify further questions beforehand and please imperatively send me a photo of the current state of your old permanent makeup in the light of day with your Request an appointment.


Is the performance painful?

Pain is relative and felt differently by each person.. These are small repetitive stings that can be perceived differently depending on the natural sensitivity and state of mind of each (stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc.) but we prefer to speak of an unpleasant sensation, of more or less accentuated tingling. Know that the sensations stop as soon as the work is finished.

Of course, local anesthesia can make the treatment painless for people who are very sensitive to pain.

How old do I have to be to have treatment?

At least 16 years old. Minors can receive permanent makeup/Microblading/Microneedling/Plasma pen

subject to providing the written authorization of both parents and the presence of at least one of the two parents at the appointment.

Otherwise, my motto is"beauty has no age"

how can i pay

you can pay cash or by bank/credit card

I have to undergo chemotherapy, can I still have permanent makeup?

I always advise people with cancer who are going through chemotherapy to prevent their eyebrows from falling out by applying permanent makeup. This not only makes it possible to do so while the natural hairs are present and therefore to respect the natural line of the eyebrows.

During chemotherapy, you cannot do permanent make-up because the immune system is very weak and this causes poor healing and therefore a not perfect result.
My techniques are intended above all to be natural, the gaze of others remains identical to those who anticipate the action. However, it is possible to perform the operation after chemotherapy, provided you obtain a medical certificate from the treating oncologist.

Can you get permanent makeup while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the immune system is weakened, the hormonal balance is disturbed and the activity of the lymphatic system is increased. As a result, the color pigments remain with difficulty or not at all in the skin. Also in order not to unnecessarily burden the body during this period, I do not treat pregnant clients.

During the breastfeeding period, treatment is possible if the pregnancy dates back at least 5 months.

Are there any illnesses to consider?

Permanent makeup is a safe and reliable procedure that works for most people. Nevertheless,if you have a disease (contraindication, listed) see below, please inform me immediately, because that does not mean that we cannot carry out permanent make-up, it requires consultation with your attending physician and written authorization.

Before your appointment for permanent makeup, you will receive a health questionnaire which I ask you to read carefully.

ready to become even more beautiful

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