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about me

My name is Sandra Bohner-De Caro.

and I love my job as a beauty professional. I devoted myself to beauty at an early age, it all started in my childhood, I loved styling my big sisters long hair and creating new styles. It is therefore with determination that I have followed training courses in the most diverse fields and places of the beauty sector,since my teenage years.
This is where I was able to unleash my creativity and find what my heart beats for.

My love for detail and my passion always gives me a feeling of immense happiness when I can make people happy every day.
Sandra's style
My long professional experience and my participation in many trainings and advanced courses in the field of beauty in different countries with the most renowned and highly rated academies in the world have allowed me to develop a solid base that allows me to offer to my clients the best results
to enhance their natural beauty.
Maquillage permanent Martinique_edited.jpg
Microneedling-anti age-Martinique
Phibrowsartist Martinique
Rajeunissment et raffermissement de la peau à Martinique

Beautystudio Sandra's style

Beautystudio Sandra's style

ready to become more beautiful

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