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Lip Blush & CC -lips


Lip Blush
Candy lips / Aquarell lips

Lip Blush, Aquarell lips or Candy lips is a cosmetic lip tattoo. This new super natural lip pigmentation technique has been designed to restore color and definition to lips and to correct minor lip asymmetries.


Perfectly groomed lips, all day and every day - that's Lip Blush. Lip pigmentation brings out your natural color and accentuates your natural shape for the perfect pout.

Lip Blush is modern permanent makeup, a discreet and natural change that highlights your beauty and does not hide it. The name Lip Blush, Aquarell lips or Candy lips comes from the fact that the healed result looks more like a light lip color, like that of a tinted lip balm. The results are personalized for each client, you can choose a pigment color that matches your natural lip color or opt for a slightly more vibrant color that will give you a pop of color without having to apply makeup to your lips.

Bring your favorite lipstick or a photo on the day of your appointment!




As with classic lip pigmentation, the Lip Blush technique involves applying pigment to the top layer of the skin using a tattoo machine and a very fine needle. The main difference is the minimal contour line which almost blends into the full lip shading and is therefore barely visible, which gives a very natural result.




Dark Lip Neutralization is a specialized treatment for people with cold or dark lips, in which we correct the color and neutralize the darkness of the lips.

During the first treatment, the cold undertone is neutralized by a warm tone. Once neutralized, we can apply your target color.

What was once considered impossible is now possible thanks to the most modern techniques and knowledge of colors.

eutralistion des lèvres foncées

Lip Blush Treatment and Dark Lip Neutralization
by Sandra's style in Martinique

Lipstick- Lipblush for beautiful Lips

Prior conversation

  • Before each treatment, a detailed consultation takes place during which we discuss your wishes together and clarify   all open questions regarding the treatment.

  • Signature of informed consent

Preliminary drawing and color selection

  • The area to be treated is carefully disinfected,

  • Your lips are pre-drawn with a pencil

  • Together we will discuss your color wishes and find the perfect shade for you.

  • Feel free to bring your favorite lipstick or scarred (!) lip pigmentation reference photos.

  • When you are 100% satisfied with the preliminary drawing, I begin to pigment


  • The preliminary drawing is fixed, a fine outline is pigmented which fades with the lip shading and is no longer visible after healing.

  • the treatment lasts between 1h30 and 2h

  • Anesthesia of the lips is possible

  • After pigmentation, the lips will be a little puffy (this varies from person to person) and the color will be intense.

Veuillez lire les informations


The results

  • do not only depend on perfect pigmentation

  • skin condition,preparation by you before the treatment and care during wound healing play a very important role

  • satisfactory results can only be achieved on healthy skin/lips

  • Lip pigmentation may require several treatments to achieve the desired result. After each treatment, the skin needs 6 weeks to heal completely.

  • In general, it can be said that after the healing process the color fades by about 40-50%. Your lips are no longer so marked: . They seem defined softer and more natural.


Free consultation

Treatment - €390.00

  (a touch-up is included 6 weeks after the 1st treatment)


each additional touch-up - €80.00

Annual refreshment - 195,00€

Refreshment over 24 months is charged as a new treatment


Lip Blush, Aquarell lips, Candy lips
Neutralization of dark lips/
Color Correction lips

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